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Library Acquisitions Policy


Genealogy SA's policy is to acquire family history information resources according to the criteria listed below which are consistent with the objective to be the pre-eminent source of South Australian family history information.

In this Policy acquisition refers to both purchasing of information resources and accepting information resources offered to the Society as a donation.

1 Acquisition should seek to maximise the net benefit to South Australian family history researchers with respect to the value and breadth of application of information acquired, compared to the cost of that acquisition.

2 South Australian family history information resources are to be actively sought and acquired in preference to all other family history information resources.

3 Acquisition of other Australian family history information resources is a lesser preference.

4 Acquisition of international family history information resources is to be given least preference.

5 Acquisition should preference location in diminishing order of nation, state, county, city, town, parish.

6 Society special interest groups shall be consulted regarding the appropriateness of acquiring information resources within their area of interest.

7 Family history information resources should not be purchased when that information is currently available online for free or from a pay-to-view website to which Genealogy SA subscribes.

8 The purchase of electronic data bases or searchable documents must conform with the appropriate purchasing procedures.

9 Any donation of family history information resources is accepted subject to ownership passing to the Society and the Society having unfettered right to do as it pleases with the donation. All donations shall be appropriately documented and appropriately acknowledged according to the current Donations Procedure.