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Online Database Search

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Search our extensive online databases for your South Australian ancestors.

You are about to search the following Genealogy SA databases:

Category Records Time Period # Records Last Updated More Info
BDM RegistrationsBirth Registrations1842 to 1928727,65917 Dec 2020
Death Registrations*1845 to 1993817,84324 Jan 2024
Marriage Registrations1842 to 1948245,97213 Apr 2024
Newspaper NoticesNewspaper Births# **1839 to 2018911,98417 Dec 2020
Includes Birthdays and Birthday memoriam (some incomplete years).1967 to 2018
Newspaper Death Notices#From 18521,775,53724 Mar 2022
Includes Deaths, Funerals, In Memoriam, Lest We Forget and Return thanks.
Newspaper Marriages#1852, 1859 to 2018422,47813 Oct 2022
Includes Matrimonial Petitions1859 to 1893
Includes Engagements, Approaching Marriages, Marriages and Wedding Anniversaries1852, 1889 to 2018
Newspaper Divorces1879 to 195414,74420 Dec 2023
Cemeteries Burial RecordsSouth Australia Cemeteries#1836 onwards606,26917 Dec 2020
Includes Adelaide Catholic burials and some Funeral Directors.
Church RecordsSouth Australian Church records - Baptisms#1839 onwards40,48217 Dec 2020
South Australian Church records - Burials#1845 onwards2,22217 Dec 2020
South Australian Church records - Marriages#1842 onwards36,95013 Oct 2022
Admission RecordsSouth Australian School Admissions#1877 onwards119,86807 Oct 2022
Hospital, Asylum and Lying-in Home Admissions#1839 to 1940252,20227 Oct 2022
Other RecordsAll Other Records#1836 onwards1,609,69818 Nov 2023
Biographical Index of South Australians#1836 to 1885197,19117 Dec 2020
Irish Born South Australians (IBSA)#36,19418 Dec 2020
Ship passenger arrivals in South Australia#1836 to 1952277,95917 Dec 2020
Ships to South Australia#14,82217 Dec 2020
South Australian Public Trustees/Deceased Estates#1840 to 2018233,64813 Oct 2022

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Important notes

# All databases with this suffix - # - are "works in progress" and are continually being added to and will be updated both in our library and online regularly.

Lookups for Members – Lookups for members is now disabled as all data that is available for a record in a particular database is displayed. For more information you will need to ask for a research request - Research request

Transcriptions of Birth, Death and Marriage registrations are still available for members.

* Please note, we do not have original death registrations after 1989, therefore transcriptions are available only to part of 1989 (book 883A).

** Newspaper births - non-members are provided with a limited view and do not have the ability to order look-ups. Members are provided with all the data that has been recorded on a particular record and there-fore the look-up service will not be available to them. However, we can offer a research request service for both members and non-members which can be accessed via the "View details" link for each record.

Before requesting a birth, death or marriage certificate, check our “What is in a Certificate When?” document. This lists all of the fields that may be available in the certificate that you request.

Our index records contain abbreviations that are defined on our site at Abbreviations Explained


Great!  A Result!  Is there any more?

If your search narrows down to a person of interest, remember that you have only searched an index. An index is usually an extract taken from a more detailed source document. If you get a result from our index and you want more details, order a source document transcription or lookup, which you can do online through this website.

Transcriptions and Lookups are processed on Monday and Fridays, you can expect a response within one week.


No!  Didn't find a thing?

Well don't quit!  If you are certain your missing relative should be in South Australian records, try varying your search criteria. Indexes sometimes have spelling or other errors, often reflecting an error in the original document. Untick the 'exact matches' box and look for different spellings, places or time periods. 

People often contact us about errors they believe they have found. The Society will receive advice of suspected errors, and we may be able to correct index errors in the future, where we can access the original source document. Please send error reports to the webmaster or our research co-ordinator.

Be persistent and try different ways of searching. If your efforts don't help your research, or you still face a brick wall, you could always consider a Genealogy SA Research Request.