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MPCViewer Training Document

Total Records in MPCviewer - 7,850,254


Newspaper Births and Birthdays

Records:  911,984

Newspaper Marriages, Engagements and Anniversaries

Records:  421,232


Records:  12,920

Newspaper Deaths, Funerals

Records:  1,775,554

Public Trustee/Deceased estates

Records:  233,707

Arrivals in SA

Records:  277,959

Ships to SA

Records:  14,822


Records:  606,629

Miscellaneous records

Records:  1,095,220

Hospital and Asylum Admissions

Records:  228,855

School Admissions

Records:  111,640

German cards

Records:  24,535

German Records

Records:   11,933

South Australian Church Records

Records:  78,934

South Australian BMD Indexes

Records:  1,562,361


Records:  197,191

Irish Born South Australians

Records:  36,194



MPCviewer datasets update 25/2/2022

Miscellaneous records

Added 4,764 new records

Crown Lands, Remission of Residence Conditions

Govt Produce Dept Staff enlisted AIF

Hanson to Booborowie Railway Report

Management of the Metropolitan Abattoirs

Metropolitan Abattoirs Act - Amendment Report

Motor Vehicles Bill Report

Mount Gambier Show Grounds Enquiry

Port Adelaide River Report

Port Hughes to Maitland Railway Report

Proposed Railway near Mannum

Proposed Railway: Bowmans to Snowtown

Proposed Railway: Port Adelaide Corporation Quarry to Salisbury

Proposed Railway: South East

Public Works Engineer-in-Chief's Dept employees enlisted AIF to 30th June 1918

Public Works Engineer-in-Chief's Dept: employees enlisted AIF to 30th June 1917

Public Works Hydraulic Engineers Dept employees enlisted AIF to 30th June 1918

Public Works Hydraulic Engineers Dept: employees enlisted AIF to 30th June 1917

Public Works Supply & Tender Board Dept: officers on active service

Queensland Border Railway

Railway Employees died on active service

Railway Employees died on active service during year ended 30 June 1918

Rendelsham Estate Purchase

River Murray and Murray Lands Produce Report

River Torrens Drainage Bill Report

Roseworthy students enlisted in military service

Royal Commission - Balaklava Railway Deviation

Royal Commission - Electoral Matters

Royal Commission - Electoral Matters

Royal Commission - Govt Land Purchases

Royal Commission - Hannaford's Quarry

Royal Commission - Municipalisation of Gas & Electric Services

Royal Commission - North Terrace Reserves & Railway Centres

Royal Commission - North Terrace Reserves & Railway Centres

Royal Commission - North Terrace Reserves & Railway Centres

Royal Commission - Port Adelaide Road Contracts

Royal Commission - Sedan Railway

Royal Commission - South Australian Wheat Scheme

Royal Commission - The Aborigines

Royal Commission - Water Supply - Baroota Creek Reservoir

Royal Commission - Water Supply - Eyre Peninsula

Royal Commission - Water Supply - Mount Gambier

Royal Commission - Water Supply - Murray Flats

Royal Commission - Water Supply - Murray Lands

Royal Commission - Water Supply - Petersburg

Royal Commission - Water Supply - Rating System

Royal Commission - Water Supply - Spring Creek & Mount Remarkable

Royal Commission - Wheat Scheme & Rural Industries

SA Harbors Board: employees enlisted AIF

School of Mines and Industries, 1913 exams

School of Mines and Industries, 1914 exams

Settlement of Soldiers & Repatriation Dept Report

Standing Committee on Railways - Burrungul to Kongorong

Standing Committee on Railways - Eyre Peninsula

Standing Committee on Railways: Gumeracha

Standing Committee on Railways: Wandana to Hundred of Bice

West Terrace Cemetery Report



MPCviewer datasets update 23/2/2022

Miscellaneous records

Added 33,793 new records

Innaminka Inland Mission Nursing Sisters 1929-1951

Collectors of Statistics 1850-1901

Adelaide Tramways Historical Booklet 1909

Yatala Electoral Roll Applications 1864

Lyrup Settlement Book 1894-1994

Murray Bridge/Mobilong Carnival 1934

Railway Employees 1939-1941

Stationmasters at Jamestown Railway Station 1878-1956

National Service Intake 1 1957

Council of the University of Adelaide 1874

Protest Petition 1841

Parkhurst Petition 1844

Millicent Bowling Club 1932 to 1987

Millicent Croquet Club 1929-1986

Millicent Indoor Bowling Club 1966-1987

Old Contemptibles Association 1950

Tantanoola Football Club 1971-1986

Wickham's Hall Trust Subscriptions 1930

Registered Land Managers 1957-1985

First Gold Escort from Victorian Goldfields 1852

Loxton Mardi Gras Past Queens 1958-1985

Frearsons Printing House employees 1934


MPCviewer datasets update 20/2/2022

Miscellaneous records

Added 192,246 new records

Appraisers and Auctioneers, Architects, Land Brokers, Medical Officers - Destitute Poor and Aborigines, Medical records - Chiropodists, Plumbers, Surveyors.


MPCviewer datasets update 17/2/2022

School Admissions

Added 684 records

Apoinga, Gomersal, Gumbowie, Holder Siding, Kulkawurra, Lowaldi, Morella, Mount Brizell, Wappilka, Woodside Camp


MPCviewer datasets update 15/2/2022

Public Trustee/Deceased estates

Added 1,472 records

Advertiser Deceased Estate records for 2018-20, Public Trustee for 2019-20


MPCviewer datasets update 14/2/2022

Newspaper Deaths, Funerals etc

Added 64,271 records

Advertiser Deaths 2018, Advertiser Funerals 2011 & 2018, Advertiser Tributes & Condolences 2018.


MPCviewer datasets update 22/9/2021

School Admissions

Added 23,387 records

Added 21 schools as follows: Armagh; Blair Athol Infant Boys; Blair Athol Infant Girls; Boolgun; Bowhill East; East Adelaide Girls; Frayville; Gilles Street Infant Boys; Gilles Street Infant Girls; Gilles Street Primary; Gilles Street Primary Boys; Gilles Street Primary Opportunity Class; Gilles Street Primary Special Girls Class; Hindmarsh High; Kulde; Lake Sunday; Laura Primary; Mannanarie Primary; Rockford; Wirrabara Forest; Yappara South.


MPCviewer datasets update 17/12/2020

Hospital and Asylum Admissions

Added 57,402 records

Adelaide Hospital 1918-1924. (Records for 1923 & early 1924 are missing.)

Wallaroo Hospital 1876-1955.


MPCviewer datasets update 04/7/2020

Miscellaneous Records

Added 503 records

Moved St Aidan plaques to new set Commemorations & Memorials 

Added: Community Commemorations


MPCviewer datasets update 01/7/2020

Miscellaneous Records

Added 761 records

Added: Ferris Saddlery, McLaren Vale, Order Books (with graphics).


MPCviewer datasets update 16/6/2020

Newspaper Births

Added 6,883 records

Minor feedback corrections. Add Donated Certificates for Births & Baptisms


Newspaper Marriages

Added 5,355 records

Minor feedback corrections. Add Donated Certificates for Marriages


MPCviewer datasets update 11/6/2020

School Admissions

Added 3,794 records

Schools: Bower 1917 to 1937, Bundaleer Springs 1895 to 1925 , Dollings Corner Primary 1926 to 1945, Grassy Flat / Norton Summit 1880 to 1893, Hundred of Hart 1895 to 1941, Myponga Jetty 1889 to 1907, Wanilla Rural 1950 to 1968

Sunday Schools: Napperby South Methodist Sunday School 1913 to 1920, 1938 to 1955, Warnertown Methodist Sunday School 1955 to 1985


MPCviewer datasets update 10/6/2020

 Hospital and Asylum Admissions

Added 6,521 records

Torrens Island Admissions Vol1

Mount Gambier Hospital 1869-1891


MPCviewer datasets update 8/6/2020

Miscellaneous Records

Added 88,543 records

• Suspected Fenians
• Commission for Exhibition in 1886
• Dingabledinga Red Cross Sewing Circle 1939 to 1944
• English Paupers on Ship Calcutta 1853
• Adelaide Art Engravers Employees List 1924 to 1988
• Hide, Skin and Wool Dealers' Licences 1933 to 1962
• Marine Store Collectors' Licenses 1899 to 1960
• Kadina Council Mayors, Town Clerks and Councillors 1872 to 1972
• Railway Workers 1943
• Registrars of Dogs 1868 to 1885
• Qualifying Certificate 1921
• Murder and Executions to 1965 - Replaced by MURD2005, which has more detail and a few earlier records.
• Pharmacist/Chemist Register 1893 to 1991
• Registered Nurses in 1950
• Hope Forest WAB members & minutes 1956 to 1988 (with graphics).


MPCviewer datasets update 30/5/2020

Irish Born South Australians

Added 36,194 new records

Contains information about persons born in Ireland who emigrated to South Australia in the 1800’s. It also includes the first generation born in SA and their children where available. These persons were identified by their descendants and other interested people, so the coverage is patchy.


MPCviewer datasets update 5/5/2019

Newspaper Births records

Added 4,892 new records

Border Chronicle 1984, Border Times 1995-97, Flinders News 1988, 1994-98, Gawler Bunyip 1923-25, 2001. Mount Barker Courier 1999-2001, Murray pioneer 1995-98, 2001, Northern Argus 1981, 83, 86, Plains Producer 2001, Southern Argus 1925-26, 33, 36, 38, 41-43, 81, 83, 96-98, Victor Harbour Times 1996, 1998, 2000, Yorke Peninsula Country Times 1984-93

Database updates

Major correction for fields incorrectly including "Sunday Mail" instead of "sm"


Minor feedback corrections 

MPCviewer datasets update 3/5/2019

Hospital Admission records

Added 27,024 new records of the Adelaide Hospital (Royal Adelaide Hospital) 1911 to 1917

MPCviewer datasets update 13/2/2019

School Admission records

Added 11,161 new records of School Admissions from the following Schools:-

Bangor, Belvidere, Blair Athol Infant - Boys, Blinman Rural, Boucaut, Bruce Primary, Caroline Primary, Davenport, Dawesley, Garfield Primary, Gum Creek, Mt Gunson, Mypolonga Primary, Orrie Cowie - Brutus, Port Adelaide Infant - Boys and Girls, Port Clinton, Richman's Valley Primary, Stone Hut Primary, Thrington, Umeewarra Mission, Wandearah South, White Hut, Winninowie, Yeelanna.

MPCviewer datasets update 11/2/2019

Public Trustees and Deceased Estates

Added 531 new records of Public Trustees/deceased estates from The Advertiser 2018

MPCviewer datasets update 10/2/2019

Miscellaneous records

Added 12,576 new records of Hawkers Licences 1900-1961

MPCviewer datasets update 6/12/2018


Added 24,841 new records of Reclaimed Grave lists for the following cemeteries: Centennial Park,
Cheltenham, Dudley Park, Mitcham Anglican, North Road and Payneham.

These were typically published in the period 1950-2018.

4 minor changes based on user feedback.

MPCviewer datasets update 4/12/2018

Newspaper Marriages, Engagements and Anniversaries

Added 3,368 new records from the Southern Cross Marriages and Engagements notices 1899-1954

MPCviewer datasets update 3/12/2018

Newspaper Births and Birthdays

Added 879 new records from the Southern Cross Birth notices 1899-1954


Newspaper Deaths and Funerals

Added 30,621 new records from the Southern Cross Death, Memoriam, Funeral & Obituary notices 1899-1954


MPCviewer datasets update 31/10/2018


Newspaper Births and Birthdays

Added 4,743 new records from the Adelaide Advertiser. Births June 2013 to August 2018, Birthdays January 2015 to August 2018, and a cosmetic change to dataset information for Blair cards.




MPCviewer datasets update 29/10/2018


Newspaper Marriages, Engagements and Anniversaries

Added 821 new records from the Adelaide Advertiser.

Marriages November 2017 – August 2018, Anniversaries January 2015 – December 2017



MPCviewer datasets update 28/10/2018


Newspaper Deaths, Funerals etc


Added 66,111 new records from the Adelaide Advertiser. Deaths - September 2015 to December 2017, Funerals- September 2015 to December 2017, Mind Mass - September 2015 to December 2017, In Memoriam - October 2015 to May 2017, Birthday Memoriam - October 2015 to November 2016, Return Thanks - October 2015 to May 2017, Tributes & Condolences - June 2017 to December 2017

MPCviewer datasets update 25/10/2018


Arrivals to South Australia


Added 2,572 new records from the Hodge Index: A list of passengers arriving at Port


Adelaide from South Australian coastal and intercolonial ports between 1837-1845.


MPCviewer datasets update 24/10/2018


South Australian School Admissions

Added 7,401 new records from 10 schools as follows:


Allendale North 1910-1943, Bundaleer North Rural 1913-1968, Burra Infant 1881-1895, Dowlingville 1922-1949, Emu Downs 1917-1948, Geranium Plains 1894-1947, Melton Valley 1939-1965, Mount Templeton 1881-1915, Port Adelaide Infant Boys 1917-1977, Sandergrove 1933-1952


MPCviewer datasets update 23/10/2018


Miscellaneous records


Added 34,432 new records from Dental Registrations to new set Dentists & Staff as follows: Dentists Register 1903-1999, Dental Company Practitioners 1990-1999, Dental Specialists 1990-1999, Clinical Dental Technicians 1986-1999, Dental Hygienists 1986-1991, Dental Auxiliaries 1973-1985


MPCviewer datasets update 9/10/2018


Hospital and Asylum Admissions


Added 722  new records from Clare Lying-in Home, Mrs Elizabeth Knight's Nursing Home - Mt Gambier, Port Augusta Maternity Hospital and Willunga Maternity Home


MPCviewer datasets update 7/10/2018


Miscellaneous Records


Added 30,860  new records from South Australian Electoral Rolls for 1853, 1862 and 1874

Minor corrections to the dataset 


MPCviewer datasets update 6/10/2018


South Australian School Admissions


Added 3,252  new records from Schoolmaster returns. These records were derived from letters to the Colonial Secretary from Schoolmasters to provide evidence to justify payment from the Government. These include the years 1847 - 1851 and there are 2 t7ypes of records in this set. One has the children's names, and possibly their ages, but not their parent's names. The other has the parents' or guardians' names and possibly the ages of, but not normally the names, of the children.


MPCviewer datasets update 3/10/2018


South Australian Passenger Arrivals


Added 60,624 records from GRG 56/68/7 Newspaper Index: Persons arriving in South Australia from overseas (including New Zealand) as recorded in the Adelaide Times, South Australian and South Australian Register, 1846 - 1887


MPCviewer datasets update 17/9/2018


 Wreschen Parish records

Added 11,933 new records



Wreschen Baptisms, Wreschen Burials and Wreschen Marriages



MPCviewer datasets update 4/9/2018



Newspaper Deaths, Funerals


Added 1,306 new records



Newspaper Mortuary returns 1871 - 1891


MPCviewer datasets update 2/9/2018


South Australian Parish Records – Deaths



Added 729 new records



Catholic All Parishes 1845-1856



Public Trustees/Deceased Estates



Added 500 new records



Advertiser Newspaper – Public Trustees 2017




MPCviewer datasets update 31/8/2018


Added 12,964 records as follows:-

South Australian Parish Records - Marriages

•       Adelaide Catholic 1865-82

•       Adelaide St Andrews Presbyterian 1842

•       Campbelltown St Martins Anglican 1864-1954

•       Glenelg & Marion Catholic 1883-84

•       Hindmarsh Sacred Heart Catholic 1943-71

•       Moonta All Saints Anglican 1883-1974

•       Mount Barker Christ Church Anglican 1883-1991

•       North Adelaide Catholic 1869-1882

•       Port Augusta Catholic 1874-1878

•       Salisbury & Virginia Catholic 1869-78

•       Unley St Augustines Anglican 1870-1923

•       West Mitcham Methodist 1963-1991

•       Wilmington Christ Church Anglican 1890-1972

•       Yorketown Catholic 1883-1969


MPCviewer datasets update 28/8/2018


Added 15,995 records as follows:-

South Australian Parish Records - Baptisms

•       Adelaide Holy Trinity Anglican 1842-45

•       Adelaide St Lukes Anglican 1859-1901

•       Athelstone Methodist 1893-1945

•       Balaklava Anglican 1947-74

•       Broadview St Philips Anglican 1927-2008

•       Jamestown Uniting 1853-1983

•       Moonta Anglican 1882-1986

•       Moonta Methodist Circuit 1871-1980

•       Northern Area Anglican 1862-1979

•       Paskeville Anglican 1875-1986

•       Port Adelaide Catholic 1903-1916

•       Port Augusta Methodist 1880-1910

•       Port Augusta Presbyterian 1882-1895

•       Port Pirie St Pauls Anglican 1888-1986

•       Unley St Augustines Anglican 1907-1922

•       Victor Harbor St Augustines Anglican 1870-1920

•       Wallaroo Anglican 1863-1911

•       Wallaroo Methodist.1862-1899


MPCviewer datasets update 26/8/2018


Added 23,820 records as follows:-

Miscellaneous records


•       Moonta School Teachers 1907-1973

•       Pine Forest School Teachers

•       School Qualifying Certificates 1916-19, 1922

•       Customs Department Employees 1864-1953

•       Public Vaccinators 1854-1917


MPCviewer datasets update 1/8/2018


Added 70,387 records as follows:-


 Newspaper Births


 Addition of Advertiser birth notices 1953-59.


MPCviewer datasets update 29/7/2018


Added 27,206 records as follows:-



 School Admission Records



Added 27 schools: Agery, Cameron East, Hawker Primary, Hill River, Hindmarsh Tiers, Moonta High, Moonta Infant, Moonta Mines (Journal), Moonta Mines Boys, Moonta Mines Girls, Moonta Mines Infant, Moonta Opportunity Class, Moonta Primary Boys, Moonta Primary Girls, Narrowie, Neale's Flat, Neuroodla Primary, Olary Rural, Parilla North, Petherton Primary, Pine Flat, Pine Forest, Weetulta, Willow Plains, Worlds End Creek Primary, Yongala Woolshed.



MPCviewer datasets update 25/7/2018


24/07/2018: Add 13,468 records as follows:



Hospital & Asylum Admissions



•       2 changes to existing records based on user feedback.


•       Pt Augusta Hospital Admissions 1877-1904 & 1917.


•       Destitute Asylum 1906-1917



MPCviewer datasets update 26/6/2018


MPCviewer version update - v016

Net increase of 26,601 records

# Cater for Blair Index Cards (NP-Births, Deaths, Marriages).

# Search: For Any Text, do not avoid Source or Notice fields. (Reversal of previous change.)


Newspaper Marriages

Records: 411,688. Was 406,363

Changes in detail:

• General review, normalisation and correction of existing records.

• Correction to 2 records based on user feedback.

• Addition of the Blair Card Index notices.


Newspaper Deaths

Records: 1,644,316. Was 1,639,553

Changes in detail:

• General review, normalisation and correction of existing records, including deletion of 17 historical records.

• Correction to 1 record based on user feedback.

• Addition of the Blair Card Index notices.


Newspaper Births

Records: 824,200. Was 807,787

Changes in detail:

• Correction to 4 records based on user feedback.

• Addition of birth notices from 1953, from city and country newspapers.

• Addition of the Blair Card Index notices.


MPCviewer datasets update 20/6/2018


Net increase of records published - 89,544



Cemetery Records



F T Elliott Funeral Records 1897-1997

Quorn Undertaker Records 1917-1986

Siebert's Funeral Records 1910-1991

Siebert's Funeral Records 1989-1997 (from Miscellaneous dataset)

North Road Cemetery Grave Records 1853-1989 (from Miscellaneous dataset)



A number of normalisation changes were made to the existing dataset, including corrections to formatting, removal of bad characters, and separation of double surnames (aliases, alternatives, maiden names). Individual correction of 3 records.



Miscelleaneous Records



Due to the just installed update for this dataset, there has been a net loss of records. The details of the new records are below.
Records: 297,764. Was 299,506

The loss was due to a large number of undertaker records being moved to the Cemetery dataset.

Changes in detail:
Remove the Sieberts funeral director's and the North Road gravediggers
records and moved them to Cemeteries (25,199 in all).

Reorganised several of the existing sets and their contents.

Add new groups:
•       Adelaide 1840 Allotments
•       Womans Suffrage Petition 1894
•       Sanitation Commission Witnesses 1876
•       Mail Contracts 1870
•       Military Volunteer Forces Inquiry
•       Relief from Destitute Boards 1867
•       Manufacturing Districts Petition 1882
•       Mt Bryan children listed on petition for School 1881
•       Hawkers Licences 1863 to 1899
•       Industrial School Eye Inspections 1884
•       Police Joining 1857 to 1866
•       Telegraph Operators 1895
•       Destitute Board Apprenticeships 1883


MPCviewer datasets update 12/4/2018


Miscelleaneous Records

Changes as follows: Minor cosmetic changes to existing dataset.

 Add new groups:, 1839 Directory of Adelaide, Ancient Order of Forresters 1862-1864 - Members, Commission & Justice of the Peace 1841-1910, Cultivators 1841, Landowners 1835-1841, Magill Industrial School Admissions 1884-1893, Naturalisation 1867, 1886 , Photographers 1845-1910, Pre-civil Births 1826-1842 , Pre-civil Deaths 1836-1842, Pre-civil Marriages 1836-1844 , South Australian 1841 Census, Stillbirths 1843-1992, Succession Duties 1876-1893, Unregistered Deaths 1840-1970, Yandama Time Capsule 1899.


MPCviewer datasets update 31/3/2018


School Admission Records

Added 15 schools: Bo Peep, Brinkworth, Buchanan, Carriewerloo, Hundred of Gregory, Kapinnie, Marble Hill, Millbrae, Morgan East, Mulpata, Point Pass, Round Hill, Tarnma, Wepar, Wiltunga.

Each record shows the registration of a pupil in a school, and usually includes parents and dates. Currently the number of schools is relatively low (37), but many more are in preparation.

MPCviewer datasets update 30/1/2018


Miscellaneous Records

Correction of special characters in existing dataset.


Removal of Burra Parish Records (now in Parish records).


Add new sets: Applications to Keep Lying-in Homes 1900-1910, Nurse Midwife Registrations 1949, Confirmations Buchsfelde Church and Campbelltown Church of England 1883-1892, Church Membership Tea Tree Gully Baptist Church and Gawler Congregational Church 1851-1917.


MPCviewer datasets update 26/1/2018


Birth registrations in South Australia to 1928.

These are the same records available on GenealogySA's website, with minor corrections.

Records:  727,659

Marriage registrations in South Australia 1843..1936

These are the same records available on GenealogySA's website, with minor corrections.

Records:  228,603

Death registrations in South Australia 1845..1972

These are the same records available on GenealogySA's website, with minor corrections. It also includes the additional 107 'missing deaths' not published on the website.

 Records:  606,099

MPCviewer datasets update 21/1/2018

South Australian Parish Records

49,246 records consisting of:-


Baptisms – 34 Parishes - Adelaide Catholic by Bishop Ullathorne 1840, Adelaide Chalmers Free Church of Scotland 1851-1853, Adelaide Holy Trinity Anglican 1840-1841, Adelaide Presbyterian 1839-1841, Adelaide St Andrews Presbyterian 1840-1843, Aldinga St Anns Anglican 1866-1981,Blakiston St James Anglican 1846-1937, Burra Anglican 1846-1987, Clare Presbyterian 1872-1883, 1919-1936, Clarendon St Ninians Anglican 1889-1982, Echunga St Marys Anglican 1861-1932, Gawler Catholic 1849-1962, Hart Presbyterian 1923-1975, Inverbrackie Caledonian Woodside 1882-1886, Kadina Anglican 1863-1900, Little Spring Creek St Faith Anglican 1908-1962, McLaren Vale St Margarets Anglican 1911 -1980, Melrose Holy Trinty Anglican 1870-1875, Mount Gambier Wesleyan Methodist 1860-1873, Mt Barker Catholic 1885-1961, Mt Barker Christ Church Anglican 1865-1921, O'Halloran Hill Christ Church Anglican 1846-1893, Pancharpoo & Saddleworth Methodist 1858-1982, Parkside Catholic 1895-1917, Penola Catholic 1854-1882, Penong Methodist 1901-1911, Port Adelaide Presbyterian 1858-1981, Port Lincoln Catholic 1851, Prospect Methodist 1911-1926, River Murray Anglican Mission (PS Etona) 1894-1913, Sevenhill Catholic Index 1866-1908, Smith of Dunesk Mission 1895-1896, Thebarton Catholic 1895-1912, Woodville St Margaret Anglican 1855-1910

Marriages – 29 Parishes - Adelaide & Country Catholic 1858-1861, Adelaide & Mt Barker Catholic 1842-1857, Adelaide Bethlehem Lutheran 1861-1916, Adelaide Pilgrim Uniting 1920-1990, Adelaide St Patrick & St Francis Xavier Catholic 1882-1898, Balaklava Catholic 1889-1963, Birdwood Catholic 1885-1901, Brinkworth St John’s Lutheran 1917-1985, Burra Anglican 1848-1987, Burra Catholic 1878-1901, Clare Presbyterian 1872-1948, Gawler Congregational 1892-1905, Hindmarsh Sacred Heart Catholic 1894-1956, Jamestown Caltowie & Appila-Yarowie Anglican 1902-1931, Jamestown St James Anglican 1902-1931, Little Spring Creek St Faith Anglican 1908-1968, Melrose Holy Trinity Anglican 1875-1963, Millicent St Michael Anglican 1891-1931, Mintaro Methodist 1872-1873, Mount Gambier St Paul Catholic 1861-1900, O'Halloran Hill Christ Church Anglican 1849-1907, Parkside St Raphael Catholic 1895-1963, Port Adelaide Catholic 1871-1951, Port Adelaide St Paul Anglican 1847-1856, Port Augusta Presbyterian 1895-1898, Sevenhill Catholic 1874-1876, Victor Harbor St Augustine Anglican 1870-1920, Wilmington Christ Church Anglican 1920-1972, Woodville St Margaret Anglican 1856-1910


Burials – 2 parishes - Burra Anglican 1847-1870, Gawler Anglican 1848-1985

MPCviewer datasets update 16/1/2018


Updates to dataset functionality

 # Dashboard: Fix AutoSearch for marriages (and similar).

# Record form: Add special handling for Parish Marriages to show matching spouse record.

# List form: Add Remember Sort Order checkbox.

# List form: Add Dev functions: RecordID and ShowSQL.

MPCviewer datasets update 17/12/2017

Arrivals in South Australia

Added 119 records of Irish female orphans on ship Inconstant.

Normalisation of existing DB with some corrections.

MPCviewer datasets update 11/12/2017



Added Matrimonial Petitions and related documents 1859-1893.

General cosmetic and normalisation changes to existing dataset.

MPCviewer datasets update 30/11/2017

School Admissions

Added 11 schools:

Barunga, Brownlow, Dawson, Macsfield, Murdoch's Hill, Pichi Richi, Pleasant Park, South Hummocks, Wilsdonville, Yararoo, Yarra.

General cosmetic and normalisation changes to existing dataset.

MPCviewer datasets update 29/11/2017

Hospitals and Asylum Admissions

Added records as follows: Hawker Lying-In Hospital 1899-1928, Destitute Asylum 1870-1906, Lunatic Asylums 1846-1960 (inc. Adelaide Gaol)

1 change to existing records based on user feedback

General cosmetic and normalisation changes to existing dataset.

MPCviewer datasets update 21/11/2017

Public Trustee/Deceased Estates

Added records as follows (including replacements):

- Gazette 1845-2000.

- Advertiser Nov1997-Sep2012 (Ian Shillabeer Collection).

- Gazette 1841-1890 (Marion Hextall Collection).

- Some corrections to existing dataset.

MPCviewer datasets update 18/11/2017

Newspaper Marriages, Engagements & Anniversaries

Add about 70,000 records as follows (including replacements):

- One correction based on user feedback.

- Adelaide Morning Chronicle 1851-52

- Gladstone Areas Express 1877-1900

- Advertiser 1938-1939, 1946-1969 (Ian Shillabeer).

- Sunday Mail 1970-1999 (Ian Shillabeer).

- Advertiser & Sunday Mail 2011-2017 (Ian Shillabeer).

- Country papers 1961-2017 (Ian Shillabeer).

MPCviewer datasets update 12/11/2017

Newspaper Deaths and Funerals

1 change to existing records based on user feedback.

General normalisation of Source names and ages.

Added 101 records from Adelaide Morning Chronicle and Gladstone Areas Express.

MPCviewer datasets update 09/11/2017

Newspaper Births and Birthdays

Add records as follows: Sunday Mail Births 2005-2012 (Ian Shillabeer). Country Newspapers Birthdays 1984-2006 (Ian Shillabeer). Advertiser Birthdays 1970-1999 (Ian Shillabeer). Various papers Births 1952 (Neville Bottger). Chronicle Births 1852. Gladstone Area Express 1877-1901.

5 changes to existing records based on user feedback.

MPCviewer datasets update 5/11/2017


Added Non South Australians Buried WTC 1892-1941.

2 records corrected.

A few sources corrected.

Normalise 'unknown' surnames & given names.

MPCviewer datasets update 5/8/2017

Arrivals in South Australia
New import and correction of records from Excel master.


Ships to SA

New import and correction of records from Excel master.



MPCviewer datasets update 10/06/2017 

Newspaper Births and Birthdays

Add 1951 births.

Some cosmetic correction to existing DataBase.

5 corrections from user feedback.

MPCviewer datasets update 6/06/2017

BISA/South Australians

This dataset is derived from data prepared for the documents "Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885" published Dec 1987 to July 1989, and "South Australians 1836 -1885" published May 1990, herein referred to as BISA1 and BISA2 respectively.

MPCviewer datasets update 19/4/2017


Additions and corrections for Coromandel Valley St John's Anglican Monumental Inscriptions, Black Hill New Monumental Inscriptions, Keilli Monumental Inscriptions, and Stanley Flat Methodist Monumental Inscriptions.

School Admissions

New import of records from Excel masters – added 9 Schools

Chicago, Dawson, Hundred of Yongala, Maaoupe, Ngapala, Port Pirie East, Port Pirie West, Stephenston, Sunshine, Thistle Beds, Wardang Island Primary, Wheetelande Primary

MPCviewer datasets update 15/4/2017


Added 898 records including for Keith, Echunga, Crafers and Goolwa.

Normalisation of name fields to remove special characters.

Normalisation of cemetery names.

Some merging with existing records.

MPCviewer datasets update 12/4/2017

German Cards

New import of records from Excel masters including images. This dataset contains summary information about nineteenth century immigrants from Germany to South Australia, and their descendants.

MPCviewer datasets update 24/3/2017

Public Trustee/Deceased Estates

Added Advertiser notices from 2016.

Existing data clean up including splitting multiple surnames and removing double spaces.


MPCviewer datasets update 3/2/2017


Newspaper Births and Birthdays

Removal/replacement of special characters in names.

Repair of 1,253 records which had Given Names and Parents interchanged.

MPCviewer datasets update 03/12/2016

Public Trustee/Deceased Estates

Add Advertiser notices for 2015.

MPCviewer datasets update 22/11/2016


General normalisation and clean up. Removal of about 14k duplicates.

Add Adelaide Catholic burials 1845-1895 (5131 records).

MPCviewer datasets update 07/11/2016


New import and correction of records from Excel master.

MPCviewer datasets update 30/10/2016

Newspaper Deaths and Funerals

Correction of abbreviated publication dates in Aug 2011.

School Admissions

New import of records from Excel masters 

MPCviewer datasets update 20/9/2016

Newspaper Deaths and Funerals

New import of records from Excel masters, plus correction of existing records.

Includes OtherSurnames field.

Hospitals and Asylum Admissions

Add info tables, other cosmetic changes. No data changes.

MPCviewer datasets update 1/8/2016

Newspaper Births and Birthdays

New import and correction of records from Excel master.

Newspaper Marriages, Engagements & Anniversaries

New import and correction of records from Excel master.

Public Trustee/Deceased Estates

New import and correction of records from Excel master.


New import and correction of records from Excel master.