Genealogy SA Upgrade V2

Please read this paragraph. Members can now login to see more information than before. If you do not have a password, use the 'forgot your password' link to set your new password, and members will then be able to login to see the extra information. If you prefer not to read instructions or background info, click this link to go straight to the 'On-line Database Search' page to explore our site or to acquire your password. A special plea - when you log in for the first time, please fill in your name and billing details by clicking the link in the Login box. It helps us to serve you better.

All visitors are welcome to have a look around. You will create a login for yourself if you use the Shopping Cart.

If you want more information, read on.


Genealogy SA set out the structure of the search process some two years ago, and the essential parts of this upgrade were locked in at that time. A significant push in the past few months has seen this upgrade finally become available to members and the family history community. There are some limitations, with the main one being that we cannot provide better search options at this time. This upgrade allows Genealogy SA to finalise this project and move on with planning for an even bigger upgrade early in 2015.

The 2015 upgrade will allow us to improve search criteria, and to progressively add a large number of indexes and datasets to to our site. Many of these will be member only access, but some will be available in full or part to all visitors. The next upgrade will provide opportunities for us to significantly expand and diversify our on-line resources.

What if I am not a Member?

Non-members still have access to the same information we have provided for a couple of years now. Some new indexes will be added progressively with the next upgrade that will be free for all users.

A significant issue for most information providers is that we need money to function. While we would like to provide everything for free, we would quickly go broke and not be able to provide anything. Genealogy SA has a huge amount of volunteer produced indexes and datasets that we want to share, and we need some income to support our web environment, our significant resource library in Unley, South Australia, and to support our volunteers.

Genealogy SA has the best resources for South Australian family history information, and this upgrade provides full access to indexes that have previously been sold for around $1,200. An annual membership currently costs $80 through the Shopping Cart, and will give members immediate access to this information. As new data is added from early 2015, the value of membership will increase. For those people who want source references to support a search result, members pay significantly less for transcriptions and lookups. If you just want to see actual event dates, the membership fee is a cost effective option.

I am a Member. How do I Access the Member's Area?

The new part of the website consists of a new database engine (but with the same datasets), a member login/logout process, a Shopping Cart, and a secure payment gateway (Australian based eWAY). All current members have been loaded into a secure area of the web site, but only name, Email address and member status are currently stored. Non-members will need to create a user account to be able to use the Shopping Cart. It is worth noting there is no actual 'members area', but rather members have special member privileges on our site.

This is the important bit. You may want to print this page if it helps to follow the steps. Members will need a password to be able to log in and see the extra member information. The login box is on the main 'Online Database Search' page, on the left side. It is also in the same position on several other pages as you move through the various Search and Shopping Cart  pages. Please follow the steps below to create your new password. If you are having difficulty, please try someone nearby for help first (possibly your children or grandchildren), but if all else fails, you are welcome to contact the webmaster.

  • In the Login box, click on the link 'Forgot Your Password?' We know you have not really forgotten it, but this is what you have to do.
  • A new page will open where you will be asked to type in your Email address. It is important that this Email address is the one that Genealogy SA has recorded for you. If the Email is not recorded by the Society, you will get a fail message, and you will not be able to set your password. In this case, contact the membership officer to advise your correct Email address. ([email protected]). This might take a few days to get sorted. 
  • A valid Email address will result in a new page being displayed with the message ' Reset Password. We have just sent you an Email.' This page will not be used again in this process.
  • Find the Email we just sent you, using your normal Email viewing method. You will have an Email within a minute or so from Genealogy SA, with the subject 'Your Genealogy SA Password Reset Request'. Click once on the link in the Email to continue the process
  • This action will open a new browser window or tab on your computer, with the message 'Please click continue to reset the password for [email protected]'. Click on the 'Continue' button to continue.
  • The next page asks you to enter your new pasword twice, to ensure there are no accidental typing errors. We suggest a password of 6-8 characters, with at least one capital and one lower case letter, and at least one number. Then click the Submit button. If you make a mistake you will get a helpful reprimand, and be invited to try it again.
  • The final page confirms your new password has been saved, and you can enter your Email address and password to login. If something goes wrong here, you have probably mistyped something, so try again. If you can't remember the password, you will have to click on the 'forgot your password' link and start from the beginning (again) (sorry).
  • A successful login will finally take you to a page titled 'profile', where we encourage you to click on the link to edit (add) your profile details. Then you may click on any of the top menu links, or more likely click the Back to Database Search button. At this stage there is no guarantee it will remember a search if you were in the middle of one, but it should.

It will not take long to do this, if the process works as it is supposed to. No-one else knows your password, and even the webmaster cannot see or change your password. If you forget your password, you can easilty request your password to be reset, or the webmaster can force a password reset for you, if you ask..

What Can I Do Now?

If you have visited our website previously, you will know about our index of historical Birth, Marriage and Death indexes, and that Genealogy SA has microfiche copies of (almost) all the certificates in the index. We are not permitted to copy or photograph the images, but we can transcribe them for you, or you can visit our library to look at them for yourself. We also have substantial indexes of newspaper birth and death notices, and of cemetery records. You can search them and hopefully find your relatives.

There are a couple of ways to approach the new search pages. If you are a member, you can organise your password first and then continue searching. Non members will only need to register if you want to purchase a membership or transcription, when you will register your Email and password together. 

The webmaster is always interested in hearing any comments about the upgrade that you wish to share (good or bad). You can contact her on the Email listed at the bottom of every page. Good luck.