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Palaeography Workshop(Events)

17th/18th century hand-writing, abbreviations in common use, background to manuscripts and related matters. Presenter: Dr David Wright, historian, genealogist and author.

When: 22 Oct, 7:00pm

Where: At the Society Library
 201 Unley Road, Unley

$22.00 member, $33.00 non-member. Call the office on (08) 8272 4222 to book.

David has taught paleography for many years, following a doctorate in Latin palaeography from University College, London. It was not until 1733 that English records were generally written in English instead of Latin. And even if your subject of interest is in English, can you read the many different English handwriting styles from the Norman Conquest down to the English Civil War and beyond?

In this hands on workshop you will look at wills and other common types of documents and be guided by David through to a final explanation of the text after you have made your own attempts at deciphering the handwriting. You will review the transcription or translation of English and Latin documents so that you gain first hand experience.

David Wright