The Society

Genealogy SA is a registered business name of the South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society Inc. (the Society)

The Society was incorporated under the provisions of the SA Associations Incorporations Act (1956-1965) on August 29th 1973. The Society is a Not For Profit organisation with no political or religious affiliations.

The Society's objects are:

  1. To promote encourage and foster the study, education, research and knowledge of genealogy, heraldry and other allied subjects;
  2. To publish appropriate material and to operate a reference and lending library and research centre;
  3. To prepare record and establish reference material related to genealogy, heraldry and other allied subjects;
  4. To preserve, record and acquire family records and other genealogical material.

The Society is:

  • The leading genealogical and family history organisation in South Australia with over 3200 members;
  • A significant publisher including the Biographical Index of South Australians and indexes of South Australian births, deaths and marriages currently available in the public domain;
  • Owner and operator of a substantial family history reference and lending library and research centre at the 201 Unley Rd location;
  • A continuing developer of genealogical reference material relevant to the South Australian community;
  • Holder of over 3500 South Australian family histories.
  • A member of the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations Inc. (AFFHO)

The Society will, through Genealogy SA, pursue a strategy in which:

  • Genealogy SA continues to be the leading resource for South Australian family history information;
  • Genealogy SA plans to expand our collection, improve access for our members, and build connections to family history resources worldwide.