Contact Details

Street address:

201 Unley Rd, Unley.
Bus: Stop 5, Unley Rd, Unley (Bus route 190 is direct from the City to our front door)

Postal address:
GPO Box 592, Adelaide, South Australia, 5001.

Telephone (08) 8272 4222
Email [email protected] 

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Email contacts:

General:[email protected]

Society President:[email protected]

Society Secretary:[email protected]

Society Treasurer:[email protected]

Business Manager:[email protected]

Librarian:[email protected]

Administration Officer:[email protected]

Membership Services:[email protected]

Research Services:[email protected]

Journal Editor:[email protected] 


Parking is available

  • at the rear of the building at 201 Unley Rd,
  • in Fairford Street, all day parks on the north side, 4 hour parks on the south side,
  • and Rugby Street, all day parks on the west side and part of the eastern side.

We cannot park at the rear of the Cremorne Hotel, this is strictly for Hotel patrons only.

  • 20170228 Parking